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Whereas the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP) represents a significant investment of taxpayer money on both the federal and state level and

the existing studies did not consider whether there are more cost effective and less environmentally damaging alternatives to this proposal and

Whereas the proposed SHEP poses significant threats to drinking water supplies that have not been sufficiently evaluated nor fully mitigated and

SHEP will result in significant harm to resources of national importance, including the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge and

Whereas the Army Corps of Engineers claims that business in the Port of Savannah will be the same with or without this project

We urge that a regional port analysis be conducted to establish both the economic necessity of port expansion to 48 feet in the Savannah Harbor, and to establish that deepening an alternative port location would not be more cost effective and less harmful to the environment.  Barring this more fiscally responsible analysis, we oppose the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project as proposed in the November 2010 Draft Environmental Impact Statement and General Reevaluation Report.

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2 Responses to Join Us

  1. Dennis W Kilbride says:

    My summation may be a different perspective. I know post-panamax ships are being built now,they are only a few. My thinking is It is way to costly to build these massive ships. It is very expensive to operate and maintain. It will take Longer to load and unload,consequently paying higher port fees. Currently ships are “slow steaming” to conserve fuel costs. And the list goes on. I’m saying this is a passing fad. Since 2008 these ship lines built hundreds of ships,they arent going to lay-up these vessels. At this point I cant see the added benefit of deepening the harbor.

  2. Jane Lareau says:

    great site!

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