Distracting tactics

On Sunday, the Savannah Morning News (SMN) ran a compelling set of articles outlining the concerns raised by three federal agencies who have the power to veto the deepening. These articles are posted in our In The News section and you can also find them all here.

On the very next day, SMN runs an editorial rant against South Carolina for raising environmental objections to the deepening.

It is fascinating that the the editorial staff chooses to blame the-war-between-the-states for any and all problems with the deepening. This is especially glaring in this instance — as it comes so quickly on the heels of the same paper’s extensive coverage of “unresolved issues” with the deepening as raised by federal agencies — agencies that have nothing whatsoever to do with South Carolina-Georgia politics. It appears that the paper’s response to the serious questions raised about water quality, air quality and economic benefit is to adopt an hysterical pitch and point a finger at South Carolina. The editorial claims that political motivation is the “only explanation that makes sense” for a SC denial of water quality certification. This is the “only explanation” they can think of? If they read their own paper, they would easily find several very compelling reasons raised by the US Fish and Wildlife, National Marine Fisheries and the EPA.

(Read the SMN editorial here.)

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