PortBarrel goes public!

PortBarrel has officially announced itself to the world.  One of the first questions we get is “why PortBarrel?”   The economic aspects of the Savannah Harbor Deepening are counter-intuitive and very hard to explain, “PortBarrel” cuts to the heart of those issues and underscores them.  Yes, we are accusing the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project of wasteful spending — in addition to wasting the environment.

The environmental issues are complicated enough, but fairly straightforward — drinking water, wetland, fish… but the economics are a bit more convoluted.  Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) says we deepen or lose business in the Savannah region.  The federal studies they (GPA) funded say that business will not grow one iota just because the harbor is deepened.    These assertions can’t both be true.  Legislators in every state who stake their reputations on opposition to earmarks and pork have said that ports will always be the exception.  Why?

The discussion begins…

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