Why didn’t you bring this up earlier?

Our drinking water is at risk, and we are going to pay for it in our water bills for years to come –  thanks to a manipulation of data by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Here is how it happens:

  • 1990′s –  a model to predict levels of contamination is rejected  as inadequate by City of Savannah Water and Sewer Bureau.
  • 1998 — Feasibility Report uses same model, disputed again by Water and Sewer  Bureau.
  • 2007 — City of Savannah Water and Sewer Bureau sends urgent letter to Corps objecting to the model and requesting new intake pipe that avoids the salt water.
  • November 2010 — Corps releases Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), using same model as 20 years prior.
  • December 2010 — Corps finally makes new and improved model available, not included in EIS.
  • January 2011– Water and Sewer Bureau drafts letter of objection.

This incredibly late response to the Water Bureau is hardly haphazard.  A new intake pipe will add another $40 million to the cost of this project.  It is no accident that the improved model was “too late” to be included in the EIS.  It is worth noting that the Fish and Wildlife Service also objected to this model as did the technical reviewer and the Corps own Wilmington District.  Savannah Water is not nitpicking.

Copper and lead in our drinking water.  No money in the package to fix it.  Simple as that.

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